Q & A

1. Q: Will the wheels be locked while driving?
A: The G-367RA works on mechanical principle and is not controlled by electromagnetic. It will not be interrupted by vibration nor electric waves. During driving, no power supply will be transmitted to the wiring or system at all, therefore, there will not be any effect on the system resulting in the locking of the wheels.

2. Q: Will it affect the braking system or the ABS?
A: The G-367RA is simply being installed between the main and wheel cylinders by connecting tubes. It does not change the component of the braking system and thus not affecting the braking system nor ABS.

3. Q: Will there be any effect on the braking system if the car is locked for a long period?
A: Stationary braking pressure is far less than the pressure exerted while in motion. Besides, the degree of pressure on the braking system when locked is smaller compared to the degree designed for the car braking system; therefore, preventing elasticity exhaustion.

4. Q: Does it affect or interfere with the electronic circuit and wiring of the car?
A: The G-367RA is an independent system that does not interfere with the wiring nor the programmed fuel injector at all, except for the connection to the battery.

5. Q: Is the G-367RA battery consuming?
A: The G-367RA works on mechanical hydraulic system and uses the battery only when locking or releasing the system. When activated, no power supply is required; hence, helps to conserve energy as well as preserves the life span of the battery.

6. Q: Can the car moved after setting the system?
A: The G-367RA has 2 ways of locking the car:
1. / After setting the system, do not tap the brake. Anyone who get into your car and tap the brake, wheels will lock immediately.
2. / After setting the system, tap the brake to lock the wheels.

7. Q: Can the G-367RA checks on the braking system?
A: After locking the system, tap the brake to lock the wheels. Before driving, test the brake for any oil leakage or malfunction for your driving safety.

8. Q: Can the G-367RA checks on the battery voltage?
A: A beep sound will be emitted from the keypad whenever the system is being operated under low battery voltage. This acts as a warning to recharge the battery.

9. Q: Protection against car robbery?
A: The G-367RA is a safeguard to your precious car. The system can be locked in a very short time with pressing the button on the receiver. Once activated, drivers can leave the car with the engine on, not have to worry someone may get into the car and drive it away.

10. Q: Can the personal code be decoded?
A: The G-367RA uses a 4 digit code to control the system and is changeable anytime. The chance of decoding is 0.00001%. Besides, the system allows a maximum of three trials, thereafter the system will be inoperative for 5 minutes.

11. Q: How does the system stores the personal code?
A: It uses a special way to store the personal code and is capable of remembering the code without battery supply. Therefore, changing of battery does not affect the code at all.

12. Q: Is the electronic components of the system easily interrupted?
A: When the system is locked or during driving, no power is being transmitted, therefore, no interruption will take place at all.

13 Q: Does cutting of the wire affect the system?
A: The G-367RA works on mechanical hydraulic principle and uses no power supply from the battery, therefore, cut wires will NOT unlock the system.

14. Q: How long is your warranty period?
A: We provide one-year limited warranty. During this time, free service is given. After the period, there will be a minimal sum of service charge.

15. Q: Can the G-367RA be installed in a car which has already possessed a car alarm system?
A: The G-367RA is the one and only mechanical hydraulic locking system patented worldwide. It can be installed without contradiction in a car which already had an alarm system.

16 Q: Can the whole system be transfer from one car to another?
A: The cast steel control unit is durable to high and low temperature as well as damp-proof and also allowing transfer from one car to another.